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Mark Moses' stories inspire and inform his audiences. His life experiences and leadership expertise combined with his passion and enthusiasm deliver a memorable experience to all who hear him. Mark knows the intensity, focus and commitment it takes to be a successful CEO and focuses on personal achievement and sharing his experiences and life lessons with clients and audiences around the world. Mark's dynamic personality and engaging style deliver powerful take-home value on topics such as:

Building the Life that you Want: Are you living your life by design or by chance? Are you living the life you truly want? Do you "have to do" what you're doing or do you "get to do" it? In this thought provoking and powerful presentation, Mark shares his personal life lessons to help you build the life that you want.

Overcoming Adversity in your Business & your Life: Using his fascinating story, Mark illustrates the qualities of leadership, problem solving, and planning that enable any CEO and management team to survive and thrive during the most challenging times.

What it takes to be a Top Performer: In this powerful and energetic keynote, Mark shares the 16 traits these top performers have in common that enabled them to achieve these astounding results. Learn what it takes to take yourself to the next level, how to coach others to get to the next level and how to hold yourself and your team accountable. View these 16 traits here.

Building a $100,000,000+ Company: Using his own story, Mark's session focuses on the FIVE things a CEO must do to build a hyper-growth company. Leaders that spend their time on these 5 things instead of being distracted with day to day operating issues can have a much greater return on their company's performance.

"Think Big! Mark's passion and enthusiasm ignited the audience to get out of their comfort zone, set big goals and then realize them. And better yet, he laid out a plan on how to do it. As a result, I'm revising my goals upward. Thank you Mark!"

- Steve Sanduski, Managing Partner of Peak Advisor Alliance

"Mark Moses delivers a powerful message that not many speakers can match, because he shares real stories dealing with adversity and he speaks from the heart. Not only was the audience blown away with his true-life defining moments, but many came away better prepared to face the challenges of life. In my 11+ years as both a YPO and EO member, I have not come across a more touching and inspirational speaker. Mark Moses is awesome, stunning, and simply the best!"

- Mok Yuen Lok (EO and YPO Malaysia)